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Are you new to chess collecting?
Just starting your collection of chess sets?
Do you know your St George from your Regence?
Do you know the difference between BCC and CCI?
Do you know where to look in order to date a Jaques Anderson knight?
Then this page will give you some pointers.
There are quite a few books written on the subject of chess collecting and there are quite a few websites on the subject. There are also different aspects of collecting chess sets; different styles, antique or modern; different materials, ivory/bone, wood / metal; different countries or makers. There are also those who collect chess signatures, chess clocks, chess stamps, etc, etc

Whatever you interest we hope this page will be of some help.


A number of articles have been written for the beginner and these can be accessed from the links below:


Article by renown collector Dermot Rochford. (Written a few years ago but still relevent)


Article written by a respected chess collector who, it seems, wishes to remain anonymous!


An article written, not by a collector, but by a noted chess restorer


Article written by UK collector Guy Lyons

My Passion for Chess Collecting.pdf


Short piece about chess collecting on this interesting website


A recent article on collecting Staunton Chessmen by USA chess collector Frank Camaratta

On Collecting Staunton Chessmen.pdf

 Books on Chess Sets

Master Pieces. Gareth Williams. Apple Press. 2000. ISBN 1-84092-I53-6


The Art of Chess. Colleen Schafroth.

Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2002. ISBN 0-8109-1001-2


Jaques Staunton Chess Sets 1849-1939.

A Collectors Guide. Alan Fersht.

Kaissa Publications. 2007.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9557325-0-8


Schachpartie Durch Zeiten Und Welten.

Hans & Barbara Hollander. Edition Braus. 2005.

ISBN 3-89904-156-9


The British chess Company. CD Book. Mick Deasey & Guy Lyons. Contact:


Who or What is the “Chess Collectors International” (CCI)?

The CCI is a group of friends who have a mutual interest in collecting chess sets, and chess ephemera. We organise an international meeting every two years and local meetings on intermediate years. We pay an annual subscription, which gives members three issues per year of a 20 page magazine and up to three issues of a USA based newsletter, CCI-USA. Other publications are offered to members as and when they become available. Members also get invitations to organised meetings to discuss all aspects of chess.

To join the CCI or just to obtain further information send us a message via the "Contact Us" page