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CCI Members can register below with your e-mail address with the magazine in order to recieve the password for the members section and also to obtain e-mail messages of updates to these web pages with the latest information.
Non CCI members can obtain information about membership of the CCI by sending a message using the system below.
You can also use this system to send your comments, suggestions, messages, etc direct to the magazine editor.

 CCI Details / Contacts

Magazine email address

Editor "The Chess Collector" Magazine:
Jim Joannou

Editor "CCI-USA" Newsletter:

Duncan Pohl


Magazine distribution:

Europe: Mike Wiltshire

USA: Israel Raphaelli


President: Mike Wiltshire, UK
President Emeritus:

Dr. Thomas Thomsen, Germany

Dr. George Dean, USA
Secretary: Hope Levene, USA

Frank Camaratta, USA

Jon Crumiller, USA
Floyd Sarisohn, USA
Oscar D’Empaire, Venezuela
Mike Wiltshire, UK
Massimilano De Angelis, Italy
Sergio Bernal Villasenor, Mexico
Gianfelice Ferlito, Italy


USA: William Fordney
UK: Gillian Raynes (
Germany: Lothar Heider